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Marina Kronkvist


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Sensory resources, communication, awareness and play are core elements in my art, my therapy and in my education. I work with body and movement education, trauma therapy, sex & sensibility education and participatory art & culture.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Aesthetics and Body Awareness from Helsinki University. I am  currently writing a Master Degree in Aesthetics and Sexuality. My license for sexual education is from the Sexsibility Coach Training Program in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently I am also studying treatment of trauma at The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute.

My interest in the field of alternative, creative sexuality was ignited in 1998. Since then I have trained with a variety of tantric, taostic and artistic teachers including Radha Lugio, Barbara Carellas, Prem Gitama, Johan Ekenberg and Felix Ruckert to name a few.

In 2007 I published my book  'Hon som fick veta' (She Know). I wanted it to be a book for children, instead it became a book written by a child. In the story, a little girl knows that her parents will die soon. Accepting that she knows intensifies life and time. The story is about the gifts and pains I have integrated from the experience of death in my family at a very early age. Love-Play is the gift.




We Thirst at First

We thirst at first – ’tis Nature’s Act –
And later – when we die –
A little Water supplicate –
Of fingers going by –

It intimates the finer want –
Whose adequate supply
Is that Great Water in the West –
Termed Immortality –

Emily Dickinson


In this workshop we will explore the senses and reflexes connected to the active, newborn mouth. The mouth and nose are our first limbs to reach for what we need, the mothers breast. Through smell, breath, touch, movement and swallowing we xplore dynamics that bring out the drive to actively fullfill a primordial thirst.

Mothers will learn how to tease their babies so they get active. Forcefeeding is not going to help your baby survive in the jungle. With a motherly tease you can strengthen a deeply carried lust in your baby. To know its appetite and to go for it.

We thirst at first allows you to explore lust deeply, and appetite and comunication.

The workshow is not suitable for people with an allergy to oranges since the breast is a cleft of an orange.



A Journey into Breath

This workshop is a breath, sound and movement exploration.

We will learn and play with a variety of breath techniques. From light and fast breathing that is stimulating or even agitating, and deep breathing that has a tranquilizing effect.

Special forms of pelvic breathing will be practiced. And the continuous breath moving in and out like a wave is guided along the spine. Movement of the spine is connecting pelvis and head. You can practice moving erotic energy around with your breath.

Playing with sounds of pleasure, sounds releasing tension, sounds expanding conciousness can make the breathing into a soft and melting, wild and joyful, as well as deeply tranforming experience.

Breath, voice and movement can be experienced as a unity. The exercises simultaneously stimulate your energy, boost the sexual fire and enable naturalm ecstatic states

The invitation is to be orgasmic and relaxed. In a dance of polarities. Fire and water.

The bulk of what we will do in this workshop is done in pairs.



Holding and Being Held

 There can be joy in resting, power in not knowing, excitement in being sensually alert and playfulness in not doing.

In this workshop we are going to practice not doing, resting and being sensually alert. We will practice subtle negotiations between bodies on the basis of not knowing.

Holding and sensing the Other as space where anything can happen, anything is possible. Allowing myself to become enfolding arms of ritual, arms of flesh. Allowing myself to become space where anything can happen, allowing myself to be embraced.

It is however also a deep tease. Hope, desire, or curiosity might be aroused without  satisfaction or release. 

Instead of immediate satisfaction or release we focus on intense tactile awareness, and track  internal sensory phenomena of the body and mind. Attention works as an amplifier and hightens sensibility and parasympatetic nerve currents even more.  The practice is to spread out the sensory thrills in the whole body and thus the holding becomes highly energized and relaxed at the same time.