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Jodie McNeilly


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Jodie McNeilly is a performer, choreographer and research academic from Sydney.  She is committed to learning and experimenting with diverse forms of movement in unusual contexts with artists from the performing, visual arts, new-media, and architecture and design fields. Her performance works and group choreographies have been produced in venues all over Sydney. She has just returned from a year and a half long stint as a research scholar at the Phenomenology Research Center, Illinois, and is completing her doctorate on phenomenological aesthetics: the relationship between bodies and performance technologies in dance. She has taught performance and dance at The University of Sydney and Macquarie University, and Sydney Dance Company.




 Distal Loving and Techno Pleasuring

In an age where more and more relations are conducted through networking technologies, what role do these technologies play within our sexual lives and relations?  What are the possibilities for enriching our sexuality, our couple, and the forming of new relations using these technologies? What are, and how can we use the deeper attachments and techno-dependencies that develop?

Is it still possible to seek corporeal pleasure without the touch of the other?

This workshop is inspired by a personal experience. For the past twelve months I have conducted a relationship with a man overseas, we skype every day for hours, weathering the delays, the heavy pixilation, and cubist fragmentation of faces. It is a relation of four: him, our two digital doubles and me. I see his digital double, he sees mine, I see my digital double and he sees his. The four of us are in love. The four of us seek pleasure.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the possibilities of skype technology for:
•    Enriching the couple, whether separated by distance or not.  What can couples learn about each other from a relation conducted through skype? How can a sexual connection be constituted and maintained?   
•   Methods of self-pleasuring for oneself and other. Skype provides instant visual feedback. This mirror technology provides information that is not possible alone. Moving with your digital double
•   Group skype: connecting with many others; orgy play
•    Skype –pals (international pen pal): make and sustain international lovers

Could participants please bring any camera-based technologies (stills, video, iphone, smart phone), laptops, or any other device you wish to plug in with it. Bring a partner, cue up a skype partner, or find a partner at the workshop and bring them to the workshop!!