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Jacqueline Hellyer

Jacqueline Hellyer

Her Workshops:

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Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia's foremost experts on sex and sexuality - inspiring and healing through her work as a professional sex therapist, sex coach, Tantra teacher, author, blogger, media commentator and workshop leader.

Her knowledge and experience, from the scientific to the Tantric to the kinky, is as broad as it gets and she shares it in an incredibly open and inspiring way. She enables people to become fully in touch with their sexuality and to use this powerful energy to create extraordinary lives for themselves.

Jacqueline is very excited to be part of this festival of sexuality, helping people to explore their eroticism and sensuality at Xplore!


 Tantric D/s

The space where Tantra and D/s merge is magical - deepening the connection of the D/s experience and broadening the eroticism of the Tantric.

In this workshop Jacqueline will first guide participants through a series of activities to enable them to become very present and connected to themselves and to others in the group, thereby experiencing the Tantric space. Once there, participants will play with three key D/s concepts of command, restraint and pain to experience the power and ecstacy of the Tantric-heightened Sub- and Dom-spaces.

Designed for participants of any level of Tantric and/or D/s experience, this workshop will give you tools for play and a heightened understanding of ecstatic possibility…



 Fellatio (for Men and Women)

With a selection of props, from Lindt balls to lollypops, in this workshop we’ll be looking at how to pleasure the phallus.

Taken from Jacqueline’s acclaimed Luscious Woman workshops, and expanded for an Xplore audience…

Much more then simply a series of ‘tricks’, we’ll be exploring how to connect at a deeper level with the phallus and it’s attached human.  What is arising in you as the pleasurer? What is your relationship with the phallus? How do you engage in a way that is deeply pleasurable for you and the receiver? 

What even is a phallus? Is it limited to the actual physical penis…?

A workshop that combines philosophy and practice, an exploration of pleasure and the phallus - open to women and men.