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Performance Evening

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Ian Tulloch


His Workshop:

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Ian Tulloch is based in Sydney and has been performing physical theatre and character skills for over 25 years. His clown: “Seymour” has been treading the boards through the ages and yet is still a virgin.
Ian studied Mime with Entract theatre in 1989 and began professional engagements that year activating Darling Harbour and performing at private functions.  
Ian creates characters and costumes to meet the needs of each performance and uses physical skills including  mime, circus skills (juggling, stilts, unicycle) and music.
Workshop experience includes circus skills, character development, group play spaces.
Current ongoing engagements : The ‘glamorous’ task of entertaining cues that form outside Sydney’s Premier Entertainment Destination as undercover clown and the first and last smiling face of Evil. He has held this contract for over 14 years.
- Co-founder of the “Inbetween Festival” – an annual intimate gathering of like minds in a lush rainforest setting  somewhere on the Mid North Coast..
Ian also works two days a week in Residential Age Care Facilities as an Elder Clown and Humour Therapist for High Care dementia patients.




Erotic Clowning

Exploring Self permissions in Play

Drawing upon the layers of the self, come and discover the abundance of potentials in spontaneous play.
‘the Clown’ : Fool, Jester, Savant.
‘erotic’: Six letters  are not enough to represent the vastness of what this word can mean....
The two together...?  Well let’s see what we can cook up. Accelerated empathy and potent multi channel connections may make up some of the ingredients.
Using a variety of devices (costume, props, make-up, games) to ease transitions between the ‘selves’ (me, myself , I and beyond) participants will be invited to experiment  with the ability to flow into and occupy the spaces between self and others in the ‘timeless now’ of connection.
Bring with you your sense of who you are. It’s a good place to launch into the void from (and to return to when we’re done!).