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Performance Evening

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DV8 House


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Mark of DV8House in Sydney is an internationally renowned presenter and erotic bondage performer. He has performed and presented at a multitude of events throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and Japan. He is a passionate and skilled rope artist and top, who has a notorious sexually charged energy, and a style of teaching that is open and down to earth.

He is an expert in numerous fields of SM play. He is approachable and has a reputation for his ability to simplify the mystique that is often attributed to rope suspension bondage. But it's not all about the rope - Mark has the ability to channel and aim his dominant energy, and create energetic space.


Aleni has been living the BDSM lifestyle since 1999 having trained as a slave and then as Mistress she has been actively involved in the Sydney community for 12 years.   Aleni mentors and teaches dominant women and trains submissives.   She has taught classes all over the world on subjects close to her heart namely the practical application of BDSM play techniques and personal empowerment through self identification.

Lani, also known as Flygirl came to DV8House just over six years ago. With rope a mystery, and an unknown, she soon discovered the magic held deep beneath the strands.

Lani has blossomed under the guidance and influence of her wonderful partner Mark, and together they have strengthened their connection through rope - whilst enjoying their own unique style of Japanese inspired rope bondage.




Beyond the Knot (with Mark and Lani DV8)

Energetic Rope and Connection

There is much more to a great bondage scene than good looking rope work. Energy and connection begins the rope scene before the first rope is even laid against skin.

Join Mark and Lani as they delve into the erotic connection between top and bottom and learn how to use your energy and your intelligence so that the session is more rewarding and interesting for everyone involved...even the audience.

They will demonstrate how they create the energy that has enthralled audiences everywhere. Learn how to add depth and eroticism to your rope play. 

This workshop will be an ideal preparation for the xplore bondage competition.

 (This text has been slightly edited by Xplore)



The Art of Talking Dirty

Talking dirty becomes an art when you use your lovers secret desires to carry them further into their own fantasies. Mark and Aleni De Viate will show you how to insert your voice into your lovers intimate secrets as well as use dirty talk to extend foreplay, increase the erotic connection and find greater fulfillment in your sexual encounters.



BDSM Vintage - When Age Brings ValueMarc-BDSM vintage

Join Mark and Aleni De Viate as they discuss the advantage of age in BDSM. There are few things in life that get better over time. The more we experience, the further we travel in our bdsm journey, the more value we add to ourselves as bdsm practitioners. Time and the distance we travel through life helps create skills and experience that gives age the advantage when it comes to bdsm.