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Dr. Sebastian Job


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Doctor Sebastian Job gained his Phd in Anthropology from the University of Sydney in 2007 for a thesis on the psychic life of Russian racist nationalism. He has taught courses in the humanities and social sciences at universities in Australia, often utilising uncommon teaching techniques, for the last seventeen years. He has carried out fieldwork in Russia and Mexico and has an ongoing interest in the neo-shamanic uses of psychoactive substances. Research and experiences in these realms have convinced him of the political importance of a more intelligent public conversation around drugs. He makes no special claims to expertise in the sexual field. But he has done it.




Sex and Drugs and Writing

These two little monosyllabic words - “Sex” and “Drugs” - are flashing street signs that hide a multitude of pleasures and sins. They name two taboos, or spot fires, or energetic eruptions in culture and in psyche, places that are not well covered by language no matter how many words we use to dip into them, distort them, warn about them, avoid them, channel them. Yet the existential richness of those experiences can be amplified, sometimes discovered, in evoking them linguistically.