The Play Party 2011

The Aristocracy of Desire

You are invited into an erotic world of decadence and desire.

On entering you will encounter surreal performance dioramas, perhaps a blasphemous last supper or a filly put out to pasture. You might be led astray by the Queen and her Bunnies or find yourself being pleasured by the readings of the caged nightingale or delightfully tortured by the butterfly kiss of the whip.

Let your inner libertine free!

A multi-layered multi-sexual hedonist party, The Aristocracy of Desire will feature some of most innovative and celebrated members of the Sydney underground arts scene. During the first part of the evening, surreal performance installations will create a curiosity cabinet of blasphemy and eroticism for you to behold and immerse yourself in. After which the installations will transform into open play spaces for you to use and enjoy.

Everything will be created to encourage beautiful and erotic encounters to happen. Participation at any level is, of course, consensual. We will endeavour to make you feel both safe and inspired to take risks.

The Aristocracy of Desire is for every-body. We strongly encourage playfulness, gracefulness and politeness.

Experience in BDSM is not required, but you should be respectful if BDSM play takes place.

Fetish – Hyper Sexy – Deviant. Extravagant outfits and costumes please.

Easter Sunday - 24th April 2011
9pm till dawn ( Entry between 9 – 10pm ONLY)

Where: New inner city labyrinth warehouse, details to be supplied with tickets. There will be 6 themed rooms, with Cloakroom, Bar.

What to Bring: BYO. Note a Simple Bar (beer, wine, vodka, champagne) will also be running.
Personal Play Equipment / Toys etc

Advance Booking AU$ 40 through Xplore Online Registration.

Xplore festival participants are strongly encouraged to buy party tickets prior to 15th April. After 15th April, tickets will be $50 at the box office, but with no guarantee of availability. We are very concerned to maintain the group dynamic created during xplore at the The Aristocracy of Desire. For this reason, we discourage those who wish to attend the party, without attending any of the festival beforehand. Tickets to the party are $100 each for those who do not come to xplore. For more information, go to

Xplore Festival Sydney reserves the right to refuse entry.

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