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delta® is an art performer, dancer, choreographer, art director and light & stage artist since the late 70's.

In 1985 he started his autodidactic dance studies by experimenting on stage and specializing in the German “Ausdruckstanz” (expressionism dance). In 1986 he started practicing Butoh, studying with Tetsuro Tamura, Akaji Maro, Kazuo Ohno and Anzu Furukawa in Tokyo.

In 1987 he founded tatoeba-THÉÂTRE DANSE GROTESQUE with Minako Seki and Yumiko Yoshioka in Berlin.

In 1995 he created "!" an international symposium and dance exchange project. Together with Yumiko Yoshioka he curates and directs this 4-yearly event at the Castle of Bröllin, an art-in-residence centre in Germany.

In 1998 he started exploring interactions with dance.  His “Foot Washing Ceremony” presents an interactive public dance-installation for one person (

Since 2000 he mainly collaborates with Felix Ruckert in Berlin and Gregor Weber in Cologne.

Through Felix he got in touch with Contemporary Dance and participated in interactive performances of Felix Ruckert such as “Deluxe Joy Pilot”, “Ring”, “Love Zoo” and “Secret Service”. Often ha has also taught at the xplore.

Since 2004 he is administrative director of Cie. Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V. and since 2008 also of schwelle7.

As part of the Creation Team of the Xplore Sydney he is responsible for production affairs, especially website, financial affairs, registration and participant's support.




The Kissing Whip: Flagellation for Beginnerswhips

Through a variety of practical exercises, you will get a feeling for the use of different whips. Only the one who knows what it feels like to be whipped, is able to use a whip responsibly.
Where can I hit with diffent whips? How strong can I whip without leaving traces? Or in order to leave traces!
This workshop will give answers to common questions, like:
- Where do I get a good whip? What is a good whip? 
- How do I transport my whip without having to tell the neighbors "I have a pony"?
- How do I make my own whip?




The Biting Whip: Flagellation for the Advanceddelta-Lara whip

This workshop is for experienced sadists or/and masochists, who want to carry out a session in a safe but public environment. What kind of emotions are triggered by physical pain? How do I know my limits? How do I perceive my Hitting- or Receiving- Persona? What kind of images and thoughts come up?
We will organize several 30- minute-sessions to approach these and other questions regarding our practical experiences. There will be time for discussion and exchange afterwards.
As we aim for a intense atmosphere, the number of participants wil be limited.

Please bring your own whips, if possible!



Mental Bondage Butohdelta-mentalBondage

An inner voyage Butoh dance workshop

As my artistic background is based in Butoh dance I want to share an inner voyage approach to improvisation.

In this workshop, we will use the expressive form of Butoh to create absurd and fantastical dialogues in the fields of feeling. By dancing we turn into story-tellers whose bodies create an affair of the in-between, clasped by moments of spirituality.

We will examine these fields of feeling by taking positions and by jumping into emotions. We will also become aware that a little taste of dominance and submission can make us more playful.



Smell Taste Touch (together with Dr. Peter Banki)

According to recent research, we possess since the beginning of time the so-called Jacobson or Vomeronasal organ, which is responsible for instinctive perception, the unconscious smelling of air-carried messenger substances, the pheromones.

It seems to represent a second smell system operating independently from the normal olfactory system. It might be the cause behind several perceptual phenomena (smelling danger, having a nose for something): what we call a 'sixth sense'.

We will set up in this workshop a series of test arrangements, dedicated to instinctive perception, mainly smell but also taste and touch. Our suspicion is that attraction is a reflex.

This workshop has been invented by Felix Ruckert for 2010 xplore in Berlin. Delta and Peter proudly offer it for the first time in Sydney.