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Performance Evening

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Annetta Luce

Her Workshops:

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Annetta’s teaching spans cultural borders from performance collaboration with Sydney’s Capoeira community, a rural Maasai village in Kenya, to Sexy Spirits in New York City.

Her current project Moving Eros continues the parallel trajectory of a life path bridging dance and sexuality with shamanic practice.

Her mastery in teaching dance is widely known from her Urban Tribal Dance classes at the studios of the Sydney Dance Company, commissioned works at the Art Galley of NSW, Australian Museum, and Moist Window performances. She holds an M.A. in Dance, Performing Artist in NYC and is a Certified Movement Therapist, NLP Practitioner, pursues the Martial Arts of Kenpo Karate, Kung Fu Sword and Fan.

Body/Mind Centering and the practices of Contact Improvisation,Capoeira, IyengarYoga have greatly influenced her approach to movement.

Her sexual evolution began 12 years ago when introduced to the Sacred Sexuality teachings of Quodoushka in Australia, which she has pursued for the last 6 years in Arizona.




Authentic Eros

"When grounded in sensual support, sexuality is pleasurable and renewing. When grounded in intimacy and awareness, it is profound." Annie Brook

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In this workshop movement will provide the entry point for a playful and conscious exploration of the erotics inherent in all sensuality, feeding our basic need for healthy contact, touch and intimacy.

Come and discover what is authentic eros. Any level of physical fitness welcomed. Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothes.



Feasting the Body

Feasting is seeking the full spectrum of senses that inhabits the visceral “wilderness inside” the body.

Blur the edge of who receives and gives sensual pleasure in the body. One can inhabit this space, simultaneously experiencing the physicality of the feminine and masculine or even perhaps going underneath the guises of either.

In this workshop, we will access conscious experiential predator/prey play, but not of the animal kingdom. The prey is the feast created!

Rather than consumption, the feed of desire is simply expressing the love of our physical form and aligning nature with our humanness.

Please wear comfortable clothes for the workshop.



Art of Stripping...(for both men and women)

 … peek into the interior pleasure vault of your sexual persona.

Once again a movement-based workshop with the intention of erotic play. However, stripping will not be approached in the conventional way. There will be no sequins, no garters, no legs behind ears. Nudity is not even necessary… just a knowing, owning, sharing and revealing of one’s own pleasure and mystery.

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Rather learning a routine, you will develop your own personal repertoire by using your imagination. 

Begin with your own self seduction.  The body becomes our ally and sensuality our beauty. 

We will discover that there is an art to costuming, uncovering the sexual persona's desire of how he or she wants to be dressed. Please bring costumes for this workshop.