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Mistress Tokyo


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I’m a Professional Dominatrix based in Sydney Australia. I’ve over 12 years experience both professional and private in BDSM, locally and overseas. I conduct professional sessions in my private studio. I make latex clothing and play gear for the expression of my personal fetishes and for use in my professional sessions. I also write on the local Australian kink community for Tony Mitchell’s UK based web magazine, “”.

As a player, I find myself most intuitive, most focused and most transformed when absorbed by a scene. This is my highest experience of BDSM. In this vein I find the activities an end in themselves, whether it be a complex extended scene or the simple pleasures of a favourite fetish object. In complement, I’m passionate about freedom of human expression. My desire as an SM player is to encourage others to greater freedom, as I find my explorations into BDSM and Fetish one of my highest forms of personal expression.

Mistress Toyko is the winner of this year's Sydney Ms. Leather.




The Initiation: Latex and Rubber

Latex is not just another shiny fabric! Dressing and playing in rubber can be transformative, with stimulating sensory-focused experiences and the possibility of exploring new erotic personas. At its highest vibration, it can be conducive to altered states and transcendence. Latex can also have deeply spiritual fetishistic properties not immediately perceived to the uninitiated.

Come with me and be initiated to what potential rubber play can have, beyond just being seductively shiny…



CBT: Torture on Men…

As a Top, Cock and Ball Torture is one of my most treasured activities! As an intransigent sadist, I love to surf the sensory wave of erotic pleasure and delicious pain that genital torture can be when you have another person’s body at your leisure!

If you’re not even sure where to start or interested in distilling your existing skills, I’ll show how I ride the wave with my male submissive. I’ll share some of the techniques as I’ve learned as a Pro Domme, too!