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Hajime Kinoko


His Workshops:

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Hajime Kinoko is a young and extremely talented rigger from Tokyo who excels in the traditional style, but  also raises attention through innovative ideas and contemporary interpretations.  He caused a furor at the London Festival of Japanese Bondage in 2010. He has done two very successful workshops at schwelle7 in Berlin. He masters not only an excellent technique but is also a highly present performer in  dramatic live acts.

Notwithstanding a distinct feel for form and aesthetics, for Kinoko the rope is only a means to an end: for him the essence of Shibari is revealed in the elegance and beauty of suffering.

Kinoko's main performance style is a juxtaposition of rope and light he calls “Cyber Rope.” In addition, Kinoko uses a variety of different ropes, strings, ribbons, and more to showcase the limitless beauty of lines in works of various media including performance art, photography, sculpture, interior decor, and installation art. In 2011, he organized the international Toubaku festival in Toyko. For the first time shibari artists from outside Japan (including Midori, Esinem and Murakawa) were invited to perform side by side with the Japanese shibari artists. 

A promotional video for Hajime Kinoko can be found here. An excellent article on his work can be found here.




Bondage CompetitionShibari for SexKinoko

I think that Shibari is an expression of each person’s originality so I will give awards to various genres:

  • Traditional Kimbaku (Old Style) Award;
  • Art Award;
  • Technique Award;
  • Connection Award,
  • Erotic Award;
  • And lastly, Grand-Prix. 

The Grand-Prix winner will receive the qualification to participate in the next TOUBAKU.

For this particular workshop, places will be unlimited. If you wish to participate in the competition, it is necessary to pre-enroll. However, it will always be possible to participate by watching. 



Rope for FunKinoko

When you learn rope and pursue sheerness, lots of you become tough on yourselves and you`re not aware of this.

So I want you to understand that rope is a fun thing. Let’s enjoy rope without the bondaging, i.e., via games, for example, a tug-a-war game to make the other person lose balance and rope chain tying competitions. I believe that many of you know that rope can be weaved into chain form.

These rope-using games are popular in Japan.




Using Shibari for Therapeutic Purposes

Communication in rope is transcending as connection. This idea is attracting attention amongst more and more people in Europe and the West.

It is this kind of shibari that I am best at.



Shibari for SexKinoko

This workshop looks at the ways you bondage and things you need to be careful of during sex.