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Vanessa Florence


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Vanessa Florence has spent the past few years studying and exploring Tantra, BDSM, creative arts therapy, massage and conscious sexuality in both formal and informal contexts. She offers sexuality coaching and bodywork in private sessions and runs workshops and events around Melbourne.

A young, passionate advocate for sexual education, empowerment, expression and exploration. Our relationship to the spectrum of our sexual selves is fundamental to every other area of our life.

Vanessa is organizing the inaugural Sex Camp week-end at Yarra Junction in Victoria from April 27-29, 2012.




Owning Your Desire

The Predator and the Slut

Most of us have had one of those moments – there is someone we want, like REALLY want – maybe a stranger sitting opposite us at a café, or a friend we’ve known for awhile – but rather than approaching them and saying so – we feel embarrassed, shy, awkward and instead, do nothing!

Desire is an energy that runs in all of us, a powerful force often suppressed due to fear of rejection and shame about ourselves as sexual beings.

Often the shadow for men is the fear of being a sexual ‘sleazy’ predator, while for women the fear of being a ‘slut’ who is easy. When we embody and experiment with these parts of ourselves we release shame and are better able to express what we want and become much closer to getting it!

How comfortable are you to approach those you are attracted to and fully express, own and claim your desire and what you want?

This workshop will be an interactive, boundary pushing and fun.

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