Xplore Sydney 2012

Performance Evening

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3rd Day • Sun. 08.04.2012

TimeLocation 1: Studio 10Location 2: Studio 12Location 3: Studio 14
  9:30h - 11:00h

Sex and Drugs and Writing

Dr. Sebastian Job


Marina Kronkvist

Naked Partner Yoga


11:30h - 13:00h

Smell Taste Touch

delta® and Peter B

A Touch More Tantric


The Art of Stripping

Annetta Luce

13:00h - 14:30h Lunchbreak
14:30h - 16:00h

Feminist Porn

Tristan Taormino

Zen and the Alchemy of Blood and Sharp Objects

AnA Wojak

The Last Taboo: Money

Peter B

16:30h - 18:00h

Using Shibari for Therapeutic Purposes

Hajime Kinoko

Owning Your Desire - The Predator and the Slut

Vanessa Florence

Full Body Orgasm

Andrew Barnes

18:30h - 20:00h

CBT: Torture on Men…

Mistress Toyko

Open Relationships

Tristan Toarmino

BDSM Vintage - When Age Brings Value

Mark and Aleni DV8

22:00h - Dawn

The Aristocracy of Desire

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